HUD Loans

Don't Give Up On Your Dream of Homeownership

Don't Give Up On Your Dream of Homeownership

See if you qualify for a HUD loan in Bossier City, LA

If you have bad credit or don't have a lot of income, you may feel like owning property is out of your reach. The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers HUD loans that provide a path to property ownership for low-income buyers. Thaxton Title, LLC in Bossier City, LA can work with you and your Realtor to help you secure a loan and buy an HUD property. We'll even work with you on all application paperwork.

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Wondering if you need an HUD loan?

HUD loans are an option for buyers that may not qualify for traditional loan options. This kind of loan:

  • Assists low-income buyers
  • Helps buyers qualify for FHA loans
  • Provides an option for buyers with bad credit

These government-secured loans offer an alternative route to purchasing a residential or commercial property. If you're interested in an HUD property, contact us today.